Manual seeder 1 row JP1

Model: N000886
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A revolution for your vegetable and flower crops

Designed by field engineers for seeding surfaces in the order of 2000 m²/day, it is ideal for market gardeners, landscapers or even amateur or professional gardeners.

This vegetable seeder is very easy to use and adjust (only a few adjustments require a set of spanners) and is based on a high-precision seed selection system which makes it a unique product on the market.

The JP- 1 offers a very good return on investment for professionals as well as for amateur gardeners.
A simplified system to remove the hopper (roller replacement and hopper cleaning have been made easier).
The handle is more practical and slides to the right or left so that the user can walk to the side of the row, while still retaining enough pushing power for easy seeding.

Fully adjustable

For setting the sowing distance on the row, a selection of 6 seed metering discs to be installed on the drive chain is supplied as standard. 11 different combinations are possible for the fine tuning of the seed spacing. You can, of a course, sow in rows, dibble or sow individual seeds. The seeding depth is very easily adjusted by loosening a bolt and tightening it when the required depth is reached. The volume of soil covering the furrow can also be easily adjusted by changing the angle of the covering scraper.

Please note: This seeders operates with a roller seed distribution system (not supplied). It is necessary to purchase the appropriate rollers for your crops choice. For the multi-row seeders, you need one roller for each hopper.