Tree nursery and vegetable fertilizer

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The Terrateck self-propelled electric fertilizer has been designed for a very specific application of localized fertilization in market gardening and tree nurseries. This fertilizer has a hopper to accommodate all types of fertilizer: pellet, pearls, balls, ... with the exception of powdered fertilizers. The distribution is carried out using rotors with grooves in order to precisely dose the spread fertilizer. The width and depth of the rotor grooves can be changed according to the desired fertilizer dose (From 50KG/Ha to 1000Kg/Ha). The rotation speed of the rotor makes it possible to adjust the quantity of fertilizer applied to the plant in real time. Depending on the needs, the rotation speed of the rotor can be proportional to the progress of the equipment in order to have a homogeneous quantity of fertilizer on the bed. This electric self-propelled 24V battery-operated vehicle will find its place for all greenhouse or outdoor applications. It is mainly used for tree nursery plants or in market gardening for the integral fertilization of beds.