Apple, chestnut harvester Silver Fox 03

Model: N001837
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This electric harvester was designed for harvesting apples, walnuts and hazelnuts on small and medium surfaces.

With a capacity of 500kg to 1200kg/hour, this harvester increases productivity and is more ergonomic during the harvest which is still a largely non-mechanised task on this type of product.

The motor of the reel draws the harvested product to a brush which sorts the harvest from the unwanted leaves, branches and grass. The harvested product is pre-cleaned and will be stored at the back of the harvester in a standard 60x40x14cm crate

This lightweight and manoeuvrable harvester works using a "push/pull" system.

Fitted with a 10.4Ah battery (supplied), it delivers half a day of battery life. This battery life can be extended to a full working day with the 15.6Ah battery (optional).

Recommendations for using the harvester:
- Mow your orchard 3 weeks before the harvest (gathering offcuts if possible)
- Roll your orchard at the end of the winter preceding the harvest to compact the clods of earth
- When harvesting, run it with the harvester to prevent the harvested product from being damaged on the ground

Accessories included:
- 2 harvest crates (60x40x17cm)
- 10.4Ah battery (4 to 5 hours of battery life)
- 2A/h charger (4 to 6 hours of charge)