Babyleaf harvester 80 cm

Model: T000193
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The Terrateck babyleaf/mesclun salad harvester is for the high-performance mechanised daily harvesting of fresh herbs for direct sale.

The Terrateck mini-babyleaf harvester / mesclun harvester makes it possible to efficiently mechanise the daily harvesting of fresh herbs destined to direct sales.

Based on our RJP1200 harvester, this equipment was simplified in order to offer a harvester adapted in terms of size and price. This harvester’s complete loop is done with a drill / screw gun which ensures the operation of the blade, reaper, and conveyor belt.

Lightweight and easy to manage, this mini-harvester will allow you to harvest all salads to be cut, spinach, mesclun, purslane, etc.
All of the mechanisms for cutting height, reel, and belt are adjustable to the crop’s evolution and production. The mount on a 4-wheel chassis makes for homogenous cutting and working in an ergonomic manner.

To use this harvester, you’ll favour the use of a high-quality screw gun / drill. We recommend the 3-speed DEWALT DCD996P2-QW. The optimal rotation speed on the primary loop axis is 1300t/min.