Ergo+ ergonomic bench for a weeding assistant

Model: T000400
Availability: Out of stock

Terrateck's Ergo+ ergonomic bench is extremely comfortable for the user when used for prolonged periods.

The prone position is perfect for precision weeding operations on the row. The reviews of the standard benches available on the market show that men feel discomfort at the shoulders and women feel too much pressure at the chest.

Terrateck worked in partnership with an ergonomist and a designer to develop a bench that combines:

  • Comfort: High-density foam
  • Versatility: Suitable for both men and women
  • Endurance: Suitable for continuous static work (4 hours of comfort)

You can adjust the position of the "Y" -shaped support to your liking, ensuring the shoulders are supported without exerting any pressure on the chest for women.

As for the headrest, it can also be adapted to the size of the user in order to maintain constant support that does not apply pressure on the neck.