Glider 200 - Bed weeder chassis - Inc AC 24V 220V EU - 1 Bed

Model: T000737
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The Glider 200 Terrateck is laying bed equipment allowing people to be carried in an ergonomic position for manual weeding and planting operations. The 200 version is an economical model for producers working on small scale farms and wanting equipment with the best quality/price ratio. The Glider 200 is a light, handy, economical and silent equipment that can be used in greenhouses as well as in the open field, ideal tool for growing crops. This model is equipped with a small 24V battery pack which provides autonomy of 2 to 4 hours (depending on weather conditions, number of people, farms position). Unlike the Glider 500 or 2000, you will not be able to adapt Terrateck's Ergo+ laying beds. The Glider 200 is fitted with standard ergonomic layong bed. As standard, it comes with a single laying bed. It is possible to adapt a second one according to the width of your beds and the number of body desired (maximum 2). Easily transportable, this Glider 200 can be loaded on a small trailer or pulled behind a quad, tractor or ride-on mower to access your field. The forward speed is adjustable using a potentiometer from 0.1 km/h to 3 km/h. Driving is done using the operator's feet ensuring the right/left direction but also starting and stopping the machine. The Glider 200 is also equipped with an innovative “Star&Stop” advancement control on a wireless wristband allowing you to control the advancement while keeping your hands at work.