Glider 500 - 24V electric multi-purpose carrier

Model: T000399
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The Terrateck Glider 500 is a working aid used to carry people in an ergonomic position for manual weeding and planting operations.

At the request of producers, we developed a tool carrier that fulfils the requirements of the most demanding producers. A lightweight, handy, economical and silent piece of equipment that can be used in a greenhouse or in the open fields, that is perfect for monitoring crops.

Equipped with a standard battery pack that delivers six hours of battery life (depending on weather conditions, the number of lying down people and type of terrain). By adding an extra battery pack, the battery life of the tool carrier can be doubled.

This lightweight carrier is fitted with Terrateck's ERGO benches (optional). Ensuring good shoulder and chest support and fully adapted for men and women thanks to its ergonomic double bench system that does not exert pressure on the chest.

Easily transportable, it can be loaded onto a small trailer so you can get to your most remote fields.