Flortill Vermont cart style

Model: N002169
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For years, market gardeners have been faced with the problem of loads transporting on their farms. 2 types of solutions are currently offered: wheelbarrows and carts in manual and electric versions or THE Vermont Carts. Vermont Carts design allow the user to do not carry the load. Growers can manage the point of balance of the trolley to avoid to carry the loads. Particularly suitable for “bulk” transport on sloped farms. Vermont Carts originate from Vermont in the United States and have been designed perfectly to meet the requirements of market gardening and horticultural production: - Size of the tray adapted to the standards of harvesting boxes 60x40cm - Center to center wheel track adapted to the 80cm bed track - Position of the wheels to balance the chassis The Vermont Carts are very handy due to the large diameter of the wheels. They have the advantage of going to the fields directly to the washing or packaging station, avoiding any additional handling of the harvest crates. The target is to preserve the back of the grower.