Broadfork - 3- to 8-tooth digging fork

Model: N000669
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The broadfork (or Biogriffe) penetrates vertically and deep into the earth thanks to its hardened steel teeth by simply pressing down on it with your feet. Then just pull it backwards while rocking it from side to side to break up the clods.

The broadfork has the advantage of preserving the arrangement of the different microbiological layers of your soil. In this way, the organic matter is transformed into nutrients that will be assimilated by your crops.



  • 3-tooth broadfork: Working width 22cm
  • 4-tooth broadfork: Working width 33cm
  • 5-tooth broadfork: Working width 44cm
  • 6-tooth broadfork: Working width 55cm
  • 7-tooth broadfork: Working width 66cm
  • 8-tooth broadfork: Digging width 77 cm

The bonus of Terrateck broadfork: Each tooth has a 60mm reinforced area around its base. This ensures a more robust and durable tool.