The Market gardener Rake aluminium

Model: T000538
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The market gardening rake is the essential tool for market gardener working on small scale farms according to Jean Martin Fortier or Eliot Coleman. Made of aluminium, this rake is perfect for breaking up small clods of soil, leveling the bed before sowing, pulling clods and stones into the footpass. This rake allows compost to be mixed on the top of the bed in the case of an amendment. With a width of 75cm to 100cm, the robust but light design allows its user to work efficiently in the preparations of bed. The tines of the rake (delivered unassembled) with a height of 10cm are fixed on a cylindrical tube adjustable in orientation which makes it possible to adjust the working depth: - Tine in straight position: Catch the pebbles in depth to bring them back to the foot pass - Tine in the middle position: Work on the surface to refine the soil and remove small pebbles on the surface without raising the clods in depth. The market gardening rake is the ideal companion for the preparation of seedbeds.