Manual shrub puller

Model: T000051
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Manual lever-arm shrub puller

The Terrateck shrub puller is a manual tool for businesses in the park and recreation area, farming and gardening sectors.

It can be used to pull out shrubs (small trees) quickly and ergonomically. Indeed, the trunk of the shrub is held at the base between the tool's two jaws. The operator then has a lever arm of 1.3 m to uproot small trees. You will no longer need a pick or spade when uprooting shrubs. Furthermore, given the relatively small size of this tool, it can be used anywhere. You will be able to use it in relatively inaccessible areas such as: hedges, flower beds, etc.

The basic version has three positions for the opening of the jaw The shrub puller can be used to easily uproot shrubs ranging from 1 to 4 cm in diameter, depending on the variety and terrain type.