Multipurpose scraper

Model: T000174
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Multipurpose weeding scraper.

The multipurpose weeding scraper is a weeding tool that is based on the same principle as the hoe with a collinear blade or the push hoe.

This scraper, made of hardened steel, has three sharp edges for weeding in the forwards and backwards directions and to the side like a "conventional hand hoe". Unlike the conventional hand hoe, the multipurpose scraper is not designed for working using "hand hoe movements". The goal, here, is to slide the blade across the surface that is being worked in order to cut the roots beneath the surface of the soil.

This tool is used in market gardening for weeding crops, parks and public spaces as well as inaccessible areas (gravel or stabilised). Its blade, which can be sharpened, can also be used on roads to remove patches of grass in the gutters. In particular, you will appreciate the ergonomics of this product and its usability. You do not have to carry the tool as you slide it across the ground.

Supplied without handle.