Omega stirrup hoe

Model: T000184
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Oscillating stirrup hoe for manual wedding (Omega Ω).

The Terrateck oscillating stirrup hoes are tools designed for weeding work in market gardens, parks and public spaces. 

The oscillation of the stirrup hoe drives your movements making it very comfortable to use. The stirrup hoes fitted with a hardened steel double-edged blade can be used to remove weeds when pushing and pulling.

This oscillating hoe is much more user-friendly and quick to use than a standard hoe and is ideal for removing weeds on gravel paths, stabilised surfaces, etc.

These Terrateck oscillating Delta Δ and Omega Ω stirrup hoes have an angle of attack that can be adjusted with cone-point set screws. Located below the sleeve, it is possible to adjust the tool acccording to your height, which will make it more user friendly and improve the precision and evenness of your work.

The 60mm Omega Ω oscillating stirrup hoe is used for the following precision weeding operations:

  • Work between vegetable plants
  • In the lamb's lettuce to be cut
  • All relatively inaccessible spaces
  • Clearing rows of seedlings

The U-shaped blade allows the tool to attack the weeded surface.

The product is delivered with the sleeve and without the handle.