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The Bio-discs are a tool made up of two parabolic discs and two straight discs for weeding or precise ridging work on the row.

For mulching the row and precise weeding in light soils, Terrateck's Bio-discs are the ideal tool.

It is fitted to a two-wheel market gardening hoe and has two positions: one for mulching the row of vegetables, and the other for precise weeding (while removing the earth).

Using the ridging position, the Bio-discs cover the row with earth thereby stifling the weed plantlets. It is the ideal tool for you bean, onion or leak seedlings.

Terrateck' Bio-discs are also perfect for weeding young seedlings. The tool is fitted with two parabolic discs that come up neatly against the rows of seedlings, part the eath beside the seedlings while removing the earth as well as the plantlets that are right beside the crops. The resulting weeding is therefore very precise.

The Bio-discs are also fitted with two straight discs to control the working depth of the two parabolic discs. They allow you to run very close alongside the row of seedlings. Using the weeding position, you can work without moving as much earth as you would with the stirrup hoes.

NB: the bio-discs must not be used on stony earth. The result will not be consistent. Depending on the type of earth, it is also advisable to remove the straight disc to prevent the earth from forming clumps.