Double-wheel hoe

Model: T000371
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Our standard frame can be fitted with a kit of two wheels for passing directly over the row and working as close as possible to the crops. Switching to two wheels improves the weeding process, making it more precise and effective. Thanks to additional complementary tools, you will appreciate the many options provided by the Terrateck hoe.


For weeding between the rows of your vegetables, you can count on the Pousse-Pousse, Terrateck's simple market gardening hoe.


An ancestral tool that was already used by our great-grandparents, which goes to show how effective it is! The hoe was redesigned by our engineering office to adapt it to the requirements of diversified market gardening.


Houe maraîchère double Terrateck

The chassis fits every type of tool, making it a versatile and very practical element for working your land! From the simple hoe to the two-wheel hoe, you can fit the two-wheel kit to work on seedlings that are smaller than 15 cm, add offset arms, second tools, etc. This provides plenty of solutions that are essential to the requirements of diversified market gardening.


The Pousse-Pousse by Terrateck has plenty of additional benefits:

  • Ergonomic triangular structure for effortless weeding and no pain to the wrists;

  • Height-adjustment for adapting the tool to the user;
  • Inflatable wheels that make the assembly more rigid;

  • Adjustment of the incline of the tool to facilitate soil penetration;

  • Robust and maintenance-free design.


Market gardening hoe blade and Lelievre blades not provided with the product (presentation photo).