Finger weeder for double-wheel hoe

Model: T000310
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Finger weeder kit for manual double wheel hoe

Fingerweeders are the tools that give the magic of in row weeding.

The fingers work by fracturing the soil from the root zone upward, freeing the roots, and germinated seeds, of weeds from soil moisture. This allows the crop plant to take up more moisture and nutrients without competition.

An important consideration for in row weeding is timeliness. Being able to remove weeds in row is dependent on there being a difference in size of the roots of the weeds and the crop plants. Fingerweeders are a polyurethane disc available in different hardness, selected based on soil type.


Orange : Soft and sandy soil

Yellow : Medium and hard soil


They are driven by a spiked plate mounted beneath them, turning the tips in the root zone slightly faster than ground speed. They are mounted on a spring loaded arm, allowing them to float along the row at a constant depth.

Finger weeder are very well known of rear mounted tractor cultivator and now adapted for manual tools as double wheel hoe from Terrateck