Lelievre blades

Model: T000316
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The Lelievre blades are two hoe blades fitted to the two-wheel hoe in order to weed the row.

The Lelievre blades are an essential piece of equipment on your two-wheel market gardening hoe. They weed both sides of your crop row.

The two straight hoes can be used in every type of soil including stoney soil without moving too much of the soil. When working very close to the row, the lelievre blades can scatter the earth, in which case it may be better to use the preci-discs on young shoots.


Tip: we recommend choosing your tools according to the growth stage of your crops.

  • Plant height between 0 and 5 centimetres: use preci-discs to weed without causing any damage to your rows.

  • Plant height between 5 and 15 centimetres: use the Lelievre blades for quick and precise weeding.

  • Plant height more than 15 centimetres: use the 300-millimetre collinear blade for working between the rows.