Oscillating stirrup hoe

Model: T000360
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Oscillating stirrup hoe for wheel hoe.

Used in combination with the market gardening blade, the oscillating stirrup hoe is used for more precise and more effective weeding operations in relatively undeveloped market gardening crops. The oscillations of the stirrup hoe create the ideal angle of attack in the forwards direction as well as the backwards direction. This angle of attack can be increased or reduced using the clamp on the Terrateck hoe.

The very fine blade (less than 2 mm) is used to make a clean and precise cut so that the weeds can be rapidly dislodged by the operator's forwards and backwards motion.

The U-shaped profile of the oscillating stirrup hoe gives the user an excellent visibility of the work being done.

These oscillating stirrup hoes must be fastened to the Terrateck hoe using the universal stirrup hoe bracket. This bracket can be used on the single-wheel hoe (between rows) or two-wheel hoe (both sides of the strip). What's more, this universal bracket can be used with the stirrup hoes of other hoe brands such as GLASER, CECOTEC, etc.

The tightening of the oscillating stirrup hoe is done using the fitting key that is always on your market gardening hoe.