Scalp Com hoe

Model: T000356
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Municipal hoe for mechanical weeding with folding arms 

The SCALP COM is a tool for mechanising weeding operations on gravel and stabilised surfaces without the need for chemical products.

The maintenance-free SCALP COM, which was designed by Terrateck, is very popular because it is manoeuvrable, versatile and has been built to last.

It is fully modular and designed to be adapted to the user:

  • handle incline adjustment;
  • handle height adjustment;
  • tool width adjustment.

Furthermore, its retractable arms allow you to reduce the space occupied by the machine for weeding beside long walls without "scraping your hands" or working in relatively confined spaces.

The SCALP COM is used to work in areas where other tools cannot go. It is particularly effective for weeding in cemeteries (between the gravestones), pavements, gutters, etc.