Secondary tool fitting

Model: T000328
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Secondary tool fitting for the single-wheel or double-wheel hoes.

The secondary tool fitting is an option that can be added to the single-wheel/double-wheel/scalp com hoe for combining two tools one behind the other. This assembly is mainly used for "finishing" the work done by the blade with a tine harrow.

The blade cuts the vegetation while the tine harrow brings the previously cut plantlets to the surface. In this way, the weeding quality is improved and it helps to prevent transplanting the weeds.

It can also be fitted on top of the tiller roller for light soils.

Adding the tine harrow behind the blade in wet conditions prevents the weeds from being immediately transplanted.

Like the wheel hoe, the secondary tool fitting is equipped with a multi-clamp which gives you the option of using all the accessories of the single-wheel/double-wheel hoe.

Sold without tools.