Torsion springs

Model: T000353
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Work directly on the row by adjusting the spring pressure

Torsion springs enable effective weeding for rows of market vegetables.

Located at the rear of the double-wheel hoe, for a crossover effect, the torsion springs open when passing over a plant and closes to hoe between plants.

The spring tension on the ground can be adjusted to avoid overly aggressive hoeing that could uproot growing plants. Mounted on the double-wheel hoe with the use of the Secondary Tool Fitting (T.WH.KMSO), it will allow you to take action on young plants and limit the growth of weeds in the row.

The torsion springs are ideally used on planted crops such as cabbage, leeks, celery onions, etc. For seeded crops, it is preferable to use the less aggressive finger weeders for younger growth phases.