Reel/Unwinder for drip irrigation hose

Model: T000042
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The Irrigation hose reel/unwinder makes it possible to reuse T-tape, polyethylene or PVC irrigation hoses. The patented retractable drum system is used to remove the shaped reel without deforming it. This means that you can store your irrigation hoses during the winter period and reuse them over several years. 

When unrolling the irrigation hoses, simply reposition the new reel on the winder drum, which will provide the tension using a spring. This makes the winding operations in open fields easier.


This reel trolley makes it easier to store the irrigation hoses while optimising the available storage space. 

Diamètre de gaine  Longueur max 
32mm 150m
25mm 200m
20mm 300m
16mm 500m

Mounted on a "hand truck" type trolley, it is easily transported directly to the field.

Important: Hose cleaning-brushes are not included