Culti'track E-Series market gardening tool carriage

Model: T000241
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A tool-carrying straddle for large crops.


It is a self-propelled tool-carrying. Designed for diversified market gardening, this straddle can be used for all the seeding work for growing large crops of vegetables in open fields up to the harvest. Equipped with a centralised lifting system, the Culti'track is the only that allows you to carry out the work unaided during the mechanical weeding operations (hoeing, ridging, thermal weeding, tine harrow, etc.) The high position of the seat allows you to carry out the work very precisely and without getting tired.

When fitted with various type of hoe, the Culti'track 35HP can cover widths of up to 6m. 


The rear lifting system of the Culti'track is an auxilliary system in relation to the central lifting system for carrying out seeding operations, carrying gas bottles, deleting the track, tine harrow (in addition to the hoeing elements on the central position), small carrier, etc.


In order to be able to concentrate perfectly on the work being carried out, the entire driving system is done using a joystick which activates the different lifting systems (central, rear, appendix outlet). This joystick also controls the forward motion of the tool-carrying.


The progress is proportional to your thrust. As standard, two speed ranges are provided. The driving speed can be used to quickly get to the plot of land (0 to 12 km/h). The working speed in the field is used for more precisely adjusting the joystick control in order to achieve the best possible precision during mechanical weeding.


The path of the Culti'track tour-carrying is adjustable from 1.5 to 1.8 m in order to suit the standard market gardening strip. The front wheels can be fitted with agicultural tyres or slick tyres (3 strips) of the required size.


This model is available in a 2 or 4-wheel drive version. 


The Yanmar 35hp diesel engine is used for all types of topsoil operations.

Ground clearance: 90 cm


Many options are available.