Chain-operated multi-row potato harvester

Model: Art0018
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1-row and 2-row potato harvester

This strongly built rear ejection potato harvester is ideal for harvesting potatoes.

Once fitted to your tractor that is equipped with a 3-point towing system and a power takeoff, you can work on rows with a spacing of 70 cm or two rows covering 130/150 cm.

Made up of lifting shares with replacement blades, they perfectly prepare the land for harvesting while the discs on the side cut up the large plants (weeds).

In order to prevent the earth from clogging up the space between the lifting shares and the belt conveyor, the harvester is equipped with a comb that sorts the earth and potatoes. There is an optional rear vibrating screen for effectively separating the earth from the potatoes as well as laying the harvest in windrows.

The entire harvester is mounted on bearings and is made up of a steel pin conveyor belt.