Towed onion and potato picker

Model: Art0025
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Towed onion and potato picker and packer

Thanks to the towed onion picker you can efficiently gather your windrows of onions and potatoes after lifting!


This picker is equipped with a belt conveyor made of 600 mm-wide bars, which transfer the harvest towards the sorting platform made up of a 850 mm-wide belt divided by two blames.


Consequently, the operators at the sorting stations to either side of the machine can remove the debris. The "clean" onions are then transferred in the box pallets placed at the rear of the machine.


The two belts (screening and sorting) are driven hydraulically by the variable speed motors, which can be adjusted by the sorting operators. As for the picking and sorting of potatoes, you can add a special assembly to this picker.


This machine has various options, such as:


  • A hydraulic box pallet holder;
  • A fixed box pallet holder;
  • etc.