Paperpot PL4 transplanter

Model: T000114
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The Paperpot is a piece of equipment that is used for quickly and easily planting transplants.

Quickly and easily planting your transplants!

The Paperpot transplanting system is well known in Japan and USA for its simplicity.

The seedlings are prepared in trays inside paper cells which are linked to each other.

The transplanting process is done rapidly by simply "unravelling" the chain of transplants in the earth.


At the end of the harvest, the paper rots in the earth leaving the space free for the following crop.

The transplanting process must be done using the cell system that is associated with this equipment:

The machine is pulled along.

Adjustable working height (handle from 76 cm to 1.07 m)

The cells and seedling trays are sold separately.


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We also offer pre-seeded transplants for sale.

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