Paperpot transplanter starter set

Model: T000118
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Complete starter set for transplanting using the PL4 transplanter.

The Paperpot transplanting system is a machine that is known and recognised in Japan and the USA for simplifying the transplantation process.

The seedlings are prepared in slabs of paper cells that are linked to each other.

The transplantation process is done quickly by simply "unravelling" the chain of transplants into the soil. After the harvest, the paper decomposes in the soil so that it is ready for the following crop. Transplantation must be carried out using the special cell system that is compatible with this equipment.

We offer a complete set (excluding the paperpot chain, sold singly or by the carton full) to quickly start seeding without forgetting anything.

All that remains is to choose your paperpot chain (3 different sizes) to suit your particular need.


The set includes the following elements:

  • Paperpot PL4 transplanter
  • Paperpot chain spreader rod
  • Paperpot chain metal frame
  • Seeder tray in sizes S, M or L (according to your seed Ø)
  • Set of 25 plastic trays