Microbulb single-row transplanter

Model: T000057
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Single-row onion or garlic bulb transplanter.

The single-row small bulb planter is a wheeled manual tool used to transplant onion bulbs.

This manual tool is designed to make the operator's work easier using its distribution system with a rotating tray (patented system). The transplanting process, which until now had been a manual task, becomes mechanised with this transplanter that can be adjusted in a few minutes. You can easily manage the height of the handles, the plant density per metre, the planting depth, empty the tilting hopper, disconnect the planting system and adjust the guide for the following row. These are just some of the smart features that you will appreciate in use.

You can easily:

  • Empty the tilting hopper;
  • Manage the planting density per metre;
  • Disconnect the planting system;
  • Move the next-row guide;
  • Manage the planting depth;
  • Manage the handle height;
  • etc.

All these smart features will be highly appreciated in use. This small bulb transplanter is ideal for farms transplanting 50 to 500 kilograms of bulbs per year.