Hole cutter for natural mulch

Model: T000294
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Effortlessly cut holes in even the thickest hemp mulch!

The natural mulch rotary hole cutter is for mechanically cutting holes in hemp, coconut fibre, jute, sheep wool mulch, etc.

This mulch hole cutter is actuated using a screw to rotate the die that cuts the mulch using friction. It makes a clean and precise cut in the fabric. The work rate is fast and the operator does not have to bend over to work. The shoe of the hole cutter ensures very precise hole locations. As for the spring-mounted hole cutter head, it is comfortable and ergonomic for the operator/user.

There are two diameters of die: 80mm and 114mm depending on the crop to be transplanted. The dies are sold individually.

We recommend using the DeWalt XRP 18V drill/driver.

The complete kit option includes:

  • The natural mulch hole cutter
  • DeWalt XRP 18V screw
  • 2 DeWalt 5Ah batteries
  • One 80mm die
  • Onel 114mm die