Horticultural and nursery plastic mulch hole burner

Model: T000277
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Hole burner for all types of mulch used by horticulturists and landscape gardeners.

The XL hole burner for mulch consists of a T.TP.BAP thermal weeding lance and a Terrateck T.TP.TPP mount on which the die that matches the required hole diameter is mounted.

This XL hole burner can be used to make holes in plastic or woven mulch in a single step regardless of the thickness and type of the plastic (biodegradable/woven). This clean and precise hole also seals the mulch with a heat-seal for great results.

The fuel for the hole burner comes from a propane/butane gas cylinder (not supplied). It is compatible with all bottles of the market (3kg, 5kg or 13kg). It is best to use this hole burner with small sized cylinders that can be carried over the shoulder or in a backpack for optimal working comfort.

This hole burner is highly suited to horticulturists and landscape gardeners.

Warning: This model is not compatible with the dies and accessories of the market gardening hole burner!

 Supplied without dies or gas