Plastic mulch hole puncher/seedbed roller

Model: T000081
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Mulch film hole puncher and marker.

The seedbed roller with dibbles is an essential tool for farms with diversified market gardening farms.

It can be used for carrying out a variety of operations:

  • preparing the seedbed (the cage roller breaks up clods);
  • marking out a regular interval for the transplanting pots;
  • making holes in the plastic mulch.

Given that the roller is made of wire mesh, the different V-shaped dibbles can be easily clipped on using multigrip pliers so that you can mark out the ground and make holes in the plastic mulch laid out beforehand. When the earth is heavy or the mulch is thick, up to three standard breeze blocks can be loaded onto the frame of the seedbed roller to make the entire system heavier.

V-perforators are not included