Refillable Campingaz cylinder 2.8 kg

Model: N000772
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3kg gas bottle for horticulturist and nursey mulch hole burners.

907 - 3KG gas bottle for XL mulch hole burners only.

Refillable bottles are intended for intensive use or when frequent refuelling is not possible. They have a safety valve that can be unscrewed from the device even when full, e.g. for storage purposes or when you want to use it for something else.

They carry a capsule that guarantees their filling, maintenance and control by Campingaz®. An empty bottle can be exchanged for a full bottle for the cost of refill, in more than 120 countries worldwide.

These bottles are sold non-returnable.

Warning: This article is only compatible with mulch hole burners for horticulturists and nurseries! (T.TP.BAP + T.TP.TPP)