EBRA Essential Seeder

Model: N000152
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The manual Essential seeder, which is the basic model of the EBRA range, is a push seeder. It is simple, robust, versatile and perfectly suited to diversified market gardening farms.

The specific feature of the EBRA seeders is their seed distribution system. There are a wide range of different distribution disks for sowing any type of seed in a precise way. To disengage the seeding control system, just tilt the seeder backwards to lift the front wheel that drives the distribution block.
Thanks to its two large-diameter wide wheels, the wheeling motion is smooth and it does not compress the earth as much. The spacing of the seeds is controlled by the set of pinions for the precise spacing of the seeds in proportion to the rate of progress.
There is the option to adjust the depth of the seeding using a knob and the density of the pinions. Its reservoir has a capacity of 6 L and the emptying of the reservoir is done instantaneously.
The Expert seeder has the following equipment:
  • Recovery of the seed with a chain
  • Smooth front wheel
  • Smooth rear wheel
  • Standard distribution duct
  • Steel handle