Model: N000153
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Easy, precise and even seeding? This is the challenge of the manual EBRA Expert seeder.


The robust and simple construction of this tool will be ideal for your diversified market gardening farms. Its large-diameter wheels will ensure a smooth wheeling motion and won't compress the earth too much. 

Seed distribution is its speciality! Thanks to its distribution system and its different distribution disks, you will be able to precisely sow any type of seed. The pinions of the seeder will ensure the precise spacing of the seeds in proportion to the rate of your progress.
The Expert seeder is the "all-inclusive" model of EBRA's range.
The Expert seeder has a tracker for marking out the row. This helps you to find your bearings on the plot of land and will ensure that the seeding is always uniform. It also has a compartment for storing the disks. To disengage the seeding control system, just tilt the seeder backwards to lift the front wheel that drives the distribution block.
A hopper base plate is provided with this seeder for reducing the volume of the latter. It is very useful when you are sowing small batches of seeds.
Finally, there is the option to adjust the depth of the seeding using a screw lever and the density of the pinions. Its reservoir has a capacity of 6 L and you will not have to empty it as it will do it instantaneously.
The Expert seeder has the following equipment:
  • Recovery of the seed using scrapers
  • Front wheel with holes
  • Smooth rear wheel
  • Highly visible distribution duct
  • Aluminium handle
  • Depth adjustment using a screw
  • Sowing depth indicator
  • Adjustable aluminium handle
  • Adjustable tracker
  • Hopper adjustment table
  • Replacement disk holder
  • Seed economy plate
  • Kick stand
  • Storage box