Multi-row market gardening seeder

Model: T000058
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The first 12-row seeder for 75cm strips

The 12-row market gardening seeder is designed for diversified market gardening operations. A central rotating axle feeds the seed to a disk with holes in it that releases the seeds one by one. The sowing density is proportional to the forward motion seeder and can be adjusted with various pinions.

This seeder is perfectly suited to sowing roquette, radishes, spinach, and lamb’s lettuce. This seeder is user-friendly and can be adjusted in a few minutes. As a general rule, the sowing depth can be adjusted for all the base plates.

With a width of 75cm, you can plant from one to 12 rows as required by changing the perforated disks.

The front cage roller breaks up clumps of dirt and the full roller at the rear presses the seeds into the ground.