Brush hoe guide to fit on a 40 x 40 mm frame

Model: T000006
Availability: Out of stock

This brush hoeing part uses a mechanical rotating system to hoe the edges of the plastic mulch of mulched crops. Thanks to its hydraulic drive system you can carry out finishing tasks up to the mulch.

These elements have different layers of bristles so that the aggressiveness of the brush can be adjusted according to the thickness of the plastic mulch. Thanks to the very flexible bristles, you can work on biodegradable type mulches. These elements have a wide range of adjustments corresponding to the practices of the producers and to various machines used to install the plastic mulch.

Sold with three types of bristles of different origins, you can also recommend bristle "caps" tailored to your crop itineraries. Mounted on a 40x40mm square tube, you can adapt these elements to your existing cultivator frames.

Right descent (hydraulic motor outside): T.BB.1004R

Left descent (hydraulic motor outside): T.BB.1004L