DUO precision hoeing machine

Model: DUO
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The DUO hoeing machine is for extremely precise mechanical weeding operations in marketing gardening/vegetable production.

The KRESS/KULT branded DUO hoeing machines are used for effective and quick mechanical weeding operations in market gardening production. When towed behind a tractor, these "lightweight" yet robust hoeing machines are perfectly designed in terms of efficiency, productivity and precision for mechanical weeding operations.

The precision hoeing machines fitted DUO parallelograms are very effective for delicately sowed crops such as: carrots, beetroot, chicory, turnips, etc.

Mounted on a parallelogram frame with two depth control wheels, two furrow openers and two lelievre blades, the DUO parallelogram is for hoeing at a depth of less than 3 cm under good conditions.

For any quote requests, please specify the number of rows, tractor path, row spacing, crop and type of soil.