Roto'bine rotary weeder

Model: T000012
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Rotary weeder for widely spaced crops

The Roto'bine weeder is a rotary weeding machine for widely-spaced crops (cabbage, beetroot, celery, herbs, etc.)

The two hydraulically driven rotors are fitted to a pivot point which you can control from your seat. Thanks to the overview that you have of the row of seedlings and the rotors, the weeding is of the highest standard and it costs less (no cameras, sensors or GPS systems, etc.)

The speed of the spindles can be adjusted using a knob according to the crop, weather conditions and type of land.

The frame of the Roto'bine weeder is modular. 1 to 2 hoeing elements can be added in order to work on 1 to 2 rows of vegetables on a strip. The frame may be supplemented with elements to work in between the rows.

This device is particularly suited to weeding nursery shrubs, rosebushes, etc.

The Roto'bine weeder is made up of the following:

  • An inverter for removing the mud from the spindles;
  • A built-in hydraulic central control unit;
  • A standard 3-point towing system;
  • A furrow opener (at least 40 hp)
  • Steel rotor tines;
  • A flow regulator.