1-row potato planter - Cultivator

Model: Art0002
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1-row automatic potato planter for micro-tractor.

The one-row automatic planter is a compact machine designed for small plots of land.


With a capacity of 50 kg, this plant it is fully adjustable. It has a coulter in order to shape the furrows and a scoop chain for dropping the tubers at the required depth.


The plantation distance can be easily and quickly adjusted using the set of pinions. Its discs, which form the ridge behind the plantation, are fully adjustable (height and width).


It can be fitted to your cultivator (more than 8 to 10 hp) because it is mounted on standard cultivator towing systems.


This planter is also fitted with a system for disengaging the planting control in order to facilitate U-turns at the end of the plot of land. This means that you do not have to carry the assembly when carrying out manoeuvers.