EBRA towed seeder

Model: MS21
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EBRA MS21 towed mechanical seeder on a three-point frame

The simple, robust and versatile EBRA MS21 mechanical seeder will be ideally suited to your diversified market gardening farms. 

Its two large-diameter wheels will ensure a smooth wheel motion and will not compress the earth too much.

The special feature of EBRA's seeders are their seed distribution system. There are a wide range of distributor discs allowing you to sow any type of seed precisely. For a given precise spacing of your seeds, the set of pinions are there to help you.

The MS21 seeders can be towed on a three-point tractor frame. You can add two load-bearing wheels as an option in order to make the assembly more stable. 1 to 6 MS21 seeder elements can be fitted to the frame of the three-part chassis. Depending on the type of us, it is preferable to use the SU201 seeders (clay soil).

A wide range of assembly and other options can be fitted to these seeders in order to comply with your needs:

  • Bunches of seeds broken up on a 8 cm board;
  • Forward roller for a towed seeder;
  • Markers that can be raised hydraulically;
  • Micro-granulator on the row;
  • Rubber rear wheel;
  • Raising hook;
  • Clod remover;
  • Row fertiliser.