Single tiller wheel

Model: T000070
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The wheel tiller-weeders are hand weeding tools that combine a wheel with star-shaped tines and a stirrup hoe blade.

Wheel tiller/weeders are hand weeding tools with a combination of tines and a stirrup hoe.

Particular suited to earth with a hard topsoil, the tines of the wheel tiller break up the hardened topsoil, decapitate undesirable weeds and mix the heads of the weeds with the soil thanks to the two-way motion of the tiller.

This rotating wheel tiller is easier to use than a hand tool because the action of the star-shaped tines have a rolling motion that is faster than a simple hand hoe.

This wheel tiller is fitted with 2 rows of 5 and 4 star-shaped tiller tools with a replaceable oscillating stirrup hoe blade.

Also usable in wet soil. Do not use on stony ground!

Delivered without a handle.