Delta wire weeder

Model: T000179
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Weed accurately at the cotyledon filament stage

The delta wire hoe that uses a round wire was invented by Eliot COLEMAN, an American market gardener and author of the book "The New Organic Grower" which is an influential reference book for market gardeners with small plots of land.

Continually seeking new tools to improve the efficiency of his work and the ergonomics for the producer, he had the brilliant idea of fitting a manual weeding tool from Sweden to the end of a wooden handle!

DELTA wire weeders are used for mechanical weeding between the rows and on the row when the weeds are at the cotyledon filament stage. The round wire on this hoe can get right in close to the plant for high-quality weeding on the row. The hoe will suit the most meticulous producers, who are keen to get as close as possible to their vegetables without hurting them.

Wire weeders are complementary to oscillating stirrup hoes. Indeed, the wire version is preferably used for weeding on the row during the early stages and the oscillating stirrup is preferable for weeding between rows or when the soil is compacted.

So that it can be used with multiple tools, the fitting is compatible with all three blade sizes. You can replace it very quickly without having to remove the handle!


Available in 3 sizes:

60mm / 90mm / 120mm